You’ve GOT To Hear This: “Shooter”

Shooter by The Gentlemen Thieves The Gentlemen Thieves just put out their 7” single, Shooter. Two songs long, it kicks off with the titular track. There’s an abrupt pause at 20 seconds in, setting the stop-and-go, high-energy style maintained throughout. Ken Taylor (vocalist, guitarist) adds in some staccato pronunciations of “oh” and

Let Me Introduce You To… The Gentlemen Thieves

The Gentlemen Thieves are a Toronto-based indie band who’ve released one compulsively listenable EP (Crafting Lies, 2011), a Fall Sampler (2012), and are currently working towards releasing a 7" vinyl, Shooter. The EP’s first track, Take My Advice, kicks off with about 20 seconds of Ken Taylor (vocalist), with acoustic accompaniment,