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TM Guide

The Tour Manager’s Guide is a podcast that delves deep into the lives of musicians, producers, and the poor bastards that work for them. It is hosted by Danny Carissimi and can be found on AMBY, iTunes, and Stitcher. 

Episode 1 — The Tour Manager’s Guide to Writing A Hit: With Walk The Moon Pt. 1 (Drums)

Episode 2 — The Tour Manager’s Guide to Aer: With Carter Schultz

Episode 3 — The Tour Manager’s Guide to Making Beats: With Rey Reel

Episode 4 — The Tour Manager’s Guide: Reuben Hollebon

Episode 5 — The Tour Manager’s Guide: Neon Indian

Episode 6 — Belmont Student Q and A with The Tour Manager’s Guide

Episode 7 — The Tour Manager’s Guide: The Griswolds

Episode 8 — The Tour Manager’s Guide: 311

Episode 9 — The Tour Manager’s Guide: Com Truise

Episode 10 — The TMG Podcast 2017 Preview

Episode 11 — The Tour Manager’s Guide: RAC (Remix Artist Collective)

Episode 12 — The Tour Manager’s Guide Podcast: Walk The Moon (Eli Maiman)

Episode 13 — The Tour Manager’s Guide Podcast: Running a Record Label with Chris Swanson

Episode 14 — The Tour Manager’s Guide Podcast: Allday

Episode 15 — The Tour Manager’s Guide Podcast: Kev Jones (Bear’s Den)

Episode 16 — Sugar High Podcast: Chris Whitehall and Rebranding

Episode 17 — Sugar High Podcast: How to be a concert photographer with Jonathan Hoeg

Episode 18 — Sugar High Podcast: Lucius

Episode 19 — Sugar High Podcast: Mallrat

Episode 20 — Sugar High Podcast: Bleached

Episode 21 — Sugar High Podcast: Tim John of The Griswolds

Episode 22 — Sugar High Podcast: The Producer, Tony Hoffer