Lyric of the Day: “Run Rabbit Run”

Run Rabbit Run by The Hoosiers

“I saw a fox by the rabbit hole, you saw a prince from a fairytale. He promised that he’d watch over you, turned out to be the fox we all knew. Too good to be true, what chance did you stand? Take flight, turn tail, get out while you can. Run rabbit run, as fast as you can- don’t look back. He’d dance to your beat, and steal your heart. And smile with those teeth and tear you apart. Hounds on your heels, you daren’t stop for breath. You’ll wear yourself out, ’til there’s nothing left.”

Has there ever been a moment in your life where you knew something was wrong, but you let it slide by you and in the end, it came back to get you?

In Run Rabbit Run, the whimsical yet deep lyrics tell a story of a woman in an abusive or careless relationship. The man plays the sly fox who controls and enables the woman to do anything, meanwhile the woman plays the role of the rabbit; defenseless, oblivious, and is a person who cannot run away. She sees the man as her prince, yet everyone else around her sees him for what he really is; a man who is slowly making her believe his lies to the point where he seems too good to be true. If the rabbit stays with the fox, it will get torn apart, and if the rabbit runs, it will be free of any harm.

Although the topic is serious, The Hoosiers have an intriguing way of using strong metaphors within the track to add a clever twist on the topic. With vocalist Irwin Sparkes’ amazing falsetto singing theatrics to add emphasis to the song’s drama and story, this song needs to be checked out!

Check out a clip here: Run Rabbit Run by The Hoosiers

Alicia Atout

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