Lyric of the Day: “Tonight (We’re Taking Our Own Lives)”

Tonight (We’re Taking Our Own Lives) by Lovelife

“Why have I been wasting my time dreaming, when I could have lived?”


The duo who have been playing gigs in New York recently released a new and extremely funky track. With the definitive bassline, smooth vocals and memorable melody, Lee Newell and Ally Young of Lovelife deliver a splendid track which got me hooked and singing along within seconds.

With a similar progression to MGMT’s “Electric Feel”, Tonight (We’re Taking Our Own Lives) is surely a song which will make you want to move and take part in singing along to Newell’s soothing vocals. By synth and vocals both adding a prominent feature to the track, they each stand out and blend perfectly with one another, yet to the extent of not competing. Lovelife will continue to play shows in New York and announced two for next month to be played with The Neighbourhood. I can’t get this track off my mind, and can’t wait to see them live if they play a gig in Toronto!

Alicia Atout

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