Lyric of the Day: “True Romance”

True Romance by Motion City Soundtrack

“I’m pathetic, overly apologetic- I’m a tightrope tragedy. You’re chicken little, I’m the monkey in the middle- There is something wrong with me.”

Stoked for the show in November, I’ve been listening to Motion City Soundtrack’s new album Go. The second single True Romance is definitely a track which sticks with me, the intelligent melody and lyrics are so hard to get off my mind!

By integrating two lines into one-another, it cleverly creates the lyrics “You better believe it’s true, you know I do- I do you, better believe it’s true.” Without connecting the lines, the lyrics are very sweet, but when they are connected they appear flirtatious and enticing.

This album reminds me of older Motion City Soundtrack songs. I mean that in a completely good way though! Their sound has developed and the hints of their old sound add charm to the new tracks for me. It’s sharp lyrics like these with double entendres and hidden meanings which inspire me to write. This is an awesome song, and if you aren’t familiar with Motion City Soundtrack, you should absolutely check this song out!

Alicia Atout

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