Lyric of the Day: “123 Stop”

123 Stop by The Postelles

“You wanna talk to me ’bout nothing, well I wanna hear the radio.”

While being in New York for the week, I’ve been thinking of all the fantastic bands that originate from here. One that sticks out for me is The Postelles. With the song 123 Stop off their killer self-titled album, the up-beat and witty track always gets me in a good mood.

The Lyric of the Day is one that’s easily relatable! Although I surely cannot identify with the whole song, this line is excellent. Is there ever a moment where all you want to do is sit down, relax, and listen to your favourite tunes? I know there has been for me! With this lyric I think of someone who is rambling to the vocalist, and the vocalist knows the words are somewhat meaningless, so he wants to spend his time doing something else- listen to the radio.

Being a terrific band from New York, The Postelles’ 123 Stop shows their personalities, fun and wit. Take a listen to the tasty jam here: The Postelles- 123 Stop

Alicia Atout

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