Lyric of the Day: “Just Like Tiger Woods”

Just Like Tiger Woods by Steel Panther

“If you don’t golf that’s okay, you can be a tiger anyway. Lie through your teeth when things get tough, or your balls are gonna wind up in the rough, yeah yeah!”

I do believe these lyrics say it all. The Steel Panther spin on Tiger Wood’s story is by far better than any other I’ve heard. Shredding guitar licks and solos delivered by Satchel add an exhilarating element to the track. There are also many great vocal moments within their album Balls Out; sometimes I feel their vocalist Michael Starr’s head might just blow off due to how high his notes are! The exploding vocals and melody are sung to a raunchy perfection.

Steel Panther put their own metal touch on this true story. Witty, cheeky and clever lyrics are throughout all of Just Like Tiger Woods, and may I say, only Steel Panther could pull off metal with such class.

Although the band might come off goofy to begin, they are an astonishing band. I’m so excited to see them live in Buffalo this Wednesday! The members also each have their own rockin’ persona which they display greatly when performing live. Steel Panther are bringing heavy metal back, but if they were around twenty-five years ago, it would have never left. All I have left to say, “DEATH TO ALL BUT METAL!”
Alicia Atout

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