Bombay Bicycle Club in New York!

Seeing Bombay @ Echo Beach recently was wonderful! But hearing they were to play a gig in New York @ Webster Hall the same week my family would be there for a trip- now that was even more wonderful. Being able to see them for the sixth time had absolutely made me ecstatic. My family and I were excited to see a full set once again, and being on their VIP section of the gig was a nice experience for my sister and I. The band’s set was ridiculous! Playing two new songs, they got the crowd going nuts and from start to finish, they sounded brilliant. After the show we spoke to them all again which is always fun for us! It’s a good feeling to know one of our favourite bands appreciate their fans this much, and I still thank them for everything that happened the past couple gigs. Seeing them twice within a week… I cannot wait until the next show! Thanks again BBC. x

Alicia Atout

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