Lyric of the Day: “Got to Lose”

Got to Lose by Hollerado

“When darkness fell it held the rain like water in my shaking hand, with no one there to lead the walk. And so the night was getting dirty and I begged the lord for mercy, and He said, ‘Oh, so now you wanna talk?'”

Anytime I hear the intro to this song, I know the next few minutes are going to be fun. Immediately, the soulfulness of the intro pulls you in with its harmonies and poignant organ sound. The only thing to do next is wait for the first verse to kick in with all of that energy. Moments in the track, you can hear the infectious raspiness within Menno Versteeg’s vocals which I love; being able to feel a connection to the sorrow yet feel joy is such a sweet aspect of the song.

The ringing “got to lose” is a fetching part of this track; it makes me want to hear the song on replay and scream the lyrics! And even better, the middle-eight is beautiful; the intertwining multiple harmony which leads into the guitar solo is excellent. The guitar in Got to Lose is very prominent as well, which I find lovely since it adds a powerful kick going into the last chorus. The vocals are rather clever with how they tie together in the middle-eight. “We came down from the trees, swinging from telephone lines. We came down from the trees, singing and telling lies…” Simply gorgeous.

After seeing Hollerado @NXNE this summer, I was so captivated and have wanted to see them again. Well, here’s the chance to! Hollerado will be playing this Sunday with Tokyo Police Club at Queen St. and John in Toronto! Check out this track along with their great video here.

Alicia Atout

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