Temper Trap: Concert Review, Interview & Photos!

“Treading the ground, I once used to know. People are strangers, the same as before. The streets look familiar, I remember the park- where I buried my head so deep in my hands all around me was dark.”

What a fantastic show. On Tuesday there was a great crowd in Toronto who gathered together to see Temper Trap at the Kool Haus. Prior to the gig, they played a session @ Sugar Beach which was lovely. I went down to the show with my family and we were in luck; while waiting outside for the Sugar Beach set, we saw the band walking over to the building. It was pretty cool meeting Temper Trap! Each member was extremely nice and signed our tickets. All of them except their drummer Toby went into the building, so I thought this could possibly be the time for a new 2Q Interview… To begin, it was just Toby and I, but then we had a little guest appearance walk in- Dougy, their vocalist! I must say, it was quite fun having a chat with them both. Here is the 2Q Interview with Temper Trap:

Interview with Dougy Mandagi and Toby Dundas from Temper Trap

Once Temper Trap got on stage, they played two songs. I must say though, I absolutely loved Trembling Hands. This song off their new self-titled album was beautiful. The three-part harmonies waved in and out of one-another, and then came together blending perfectly to create a strong and powerful vocal performance. Those three voices went together lovely. Check out a video of Trembling Hands here:

Temper Trap “Trembling Hands” @ Sugar Beach

Temper Trap didn’t just show amazing harmonies at Sugar Beach, they also brought them to their show at Kool Haus. The set was ace; with a good showing of new songs and singles, everyone in the crowd was pleased. The best part for me though was their last song of the night. Although it made me sad the show was over, Temper Trap ended their show on a delightful high. Slowly, the instruments came together into Sweet Disposition. At this moment, all of the hands were thrown up in the crowd and people began jumping before the vocals even began. The song was a wonderful end to a lively night! Since I woke up, I cannot get that song out of my mind.

A moment, a love, a dream aloud, a kiss, a cry, our rights, our wrongs.

Alicia Atout

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