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“Low Roar”
Low Roar

A pleasant mood is created through Low Roar’s self-titled album. A mix of mellow, calm and soothing elements combine to create an abstract and intriguing album. The album opens with the track Give Up, a song which displays a delicate sound that flows throughout all of Low Roar.

All of the soothing attributes of each track had really helped me out in a certain instance. I wrote all of my exams listening to this album, and when I got back a 100% on an exam, the album felt even more stellar and now personal. Not only this, but the attractive vocals of Ryan Karazija add an extremely tranquil vibe which flows through the entire album. An ideal example of these vocals are displayed in the song Friends Make Garbage (Good Friends Take It Out) where Karazija devotes his love and feelings while singing,

“We sailed across the sea aimlessly, no direction or timeline. The shore we’d come to find, we’d seen before, never spoke or shared a word. No need, your true thoughts they can’t be heard; they’re too beautiful for words.”
This happens to be my favourite track off the album. Karazija once used to call California home, but later moved to Reykjavík. His influences from the quiet, natural and gentle environments of Iceland are delicately shown throughout this album, but especially on this track. I love how this song transports you to where Karazija was inspired.
Whispering vocals in the surroundings of this tune are the perfect platform for Karazija’s voice to be laid upon; they lift you somewhere else from where you were prior to hearing the album. When an airy and ethereal guitar is played alongside beautiful and subtle strings, it only adds to the sound and allows for the excellent lyrics to stand out.
If you happen to be unfamiliar with Low Roar, definitely check them out here:
Alicia Atout
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