Lyric of the Day: “Tangled Up In Love”

Tangled Up In Love by The Rifles

“I’d sail all the seven seas, to get back to your door. I’ve everything I need, everything and more. ‘Cos there’s so many times, I’ve fallen out of love. But with you I find, that I never get enough.”

Tangled Up In Love tells the tale of a love which might never bloom again, but the hopes of it keeps a man dreaming and not giving up. This song was the perfect first single to display off The Rifles album Freedom Run. I feel as if this is a song that almost every girl wishes someone would write for her. The band’s lead vocalist, Joel Stoker sings, “And when you call my name the whole wide world could walk away, away.” It’s dreamy, yet doesn’t come off as too mushy. How The Rifles pulled that off, I haven’t a clue!

My favourite parts of the song have to be the instrumentation and the lyricism. There are parts of the song which are so simple, they feel genius. How the gentle guitar solo floats into the drum and vocal section. It creates an ace middle-eight. The lush and sweet strings played throughout the song are lovely. Especially in a certain section- the strings present a flawless intro. With the provided great melody not just in the chorus, but also the verses, I fall in love with this track every time I hear it.

Get tangled up in love with this stunning song here:

Alicia Atout
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