Lyric of the Day: “Right Again”

Right Again by Eux Autres Right Again cover art

“When you’re out winning cases, don’t forget to check your laces. Someday, you’re tripping on your best intentions. Keep it number one, I’ll be watching, I’ll be at the ready. Keep it number one, I’ll be waiting when they break your heart.”

The first time I heard this song, the guitar chords drew me in and as soon as the drums began, I knew I couldn’t skip it. The vibe from the drums are rad; with almost a marching feel, they keep the tune in order but also add some attitude to go along with the vocals. Speaking of vocals, the harmonies Eux Autres display are great, and I find myself singing them more than the lead.

I hadn’t realized until recently that Right Again is 2 minutes and 25 seconds. It is such a catchy song that it flies by and feels as if it’s only a minute long. It leaves me wanting more, and that is a fine sign when it comes to music. So… What do I do? I play it over and over to make up for how fast it goes by! Another aspect to the song I love is how it shows parts of the band’s personalities; there’s humour and care. You can take a peek at Eux Autres’ humour on their website, where a whole page is dedicated to the pronunciation of their band name! Although the name is hard to pronounce, their music is surely not hard to love. Take a listen to Right Again here:
Alicia Atout
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