Monday, August 13th, 2012: Night Playlist

I’ve been thinking lately about how within a couple weeks I’m back to school. Then it brought me back to those moments where I’m up late at night and have homework, oh joy! The one thing that gets me through moments like that is music! So here’s a playlist of rockin’ songs that will keep you up on those late nights!

“If you’re meant to be here and you want to be late, the best thing you can do is get lost on the way.” -‘Decent Days and Nights’, The Futureheads

Coconut Records- Nighttiming

The Futureheads- Decent Days and Nights

Hot Hot Heat- Goodnight Goodnight

Kaiser Chiefs- Saturday Night

Noah and the Whale- Tonight’s the Kind of Night

The Postelles- White Night

Razorlight- Up All Night

Steel Panther- Tomorrow Night

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