You’ve GOT to Hear This: “The Bay”

The Bay by Metronomy

In 2011, Metronomy released their standout third studio album, The English Riviera. An album full of funky, bass driven, memorable songs with escalating distinctive 80’s synth, falsetto harmonies, and a sound that unmistakably gives Metronomy a quality that is rare to acquire.

One of my favourite tracks out of all the impressive tunes is the third single off of the album called The Bay. As soon as the song starts you are greeted with delicate synth that hastily accelerates tempo, only to be joined by Gbenga Adelekan’s impenetrable bassline and Anna Prior’s steady drum beat. Along with the bass and drums, the synth, played by Oscar Cash, comes in yet again but more forceful and consuming than before. With the crash of a cymbal, Joseph Mount’s smooth vocals simply melt with the instruments playing before him. He can effortlessly change from this firm calm voice to one that sounds so ethereal.

The harmonies in the bridge and chorus are light and prominent; it makes them essential to the song. As the track begins its closure, the singing is replaced by sustained guitar notes that are quickly joined by persistent horns that easily flow with the guitar. This is a song that I absolutely love and can’t stop listening to, and I know… You’ve GOT to hear this!

Listen to this track here:
The Bay by Metronomy

Madison Atout

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