Let Me Introduce You To… The Slow Readers Club

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The Slow Readers Club.

The group from Manchester sport a unique sound. With three former members from the band Omerta, the band is comprised of four talented musicians who add one great characteristic to their music- depth. Every song of theirs has its own theme, whether it’s the bone-chilling kick from Follow Me Down or the enticing feeling you get from She Wears A Frown.

I absolutely love their song Follow Me Down. The strings in the background create a mysterious and intense surrounding which almost strikes an urge of suspense. The eerie but melancholy tone to the lyrics are a brilliant match for the spectral noise in the background. Not only do the strings create this environment, but the thick, stimulating bass shown by James Ryan also gives a spark of intensity to this track. The guitar played by Kurtis Starkie has an echoed reverb to it that carries the song, for it gives the same curiosity and obscure vibe which the rest of Follow Me Down has. A captivating, wavering voice comes from vocalist Aaron Starkie as he sings;

“When money falls through old hands, I’m done making those big plans. Just face it love, we’ve been lying to ourselves. So come hither, and follow me down.”

The Slow Readers Club show resemblance to The Editors with their forceful drums played by Neil Turvin, unique vocals and then always displaying a substantially commanding and dynamic chorus. Definitely follow the group below on Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch and gather news. Oh, and don’t forget to take a listen to Follow Me Down, because as soon as you hear it once, I bet you’ll press relay!

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Alicia Atout

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