Let Me Introduce You To… The Mutineers

Manchester has been offering a plethora of terrific bands recently, but I’m quite glad I came across this one. The Mutineers express themselves through indie-pop music with the perfect touch of soul, which creates many great tunes. I immediately was intrigued with this band; not only is their music lovely, but the members themselves are as well. I was extremely surprised how gracious they are with all of their fans, and it’s always nice seeing a band who appreciates their following.

A track which really appeals to me is Infidelity. There’s a certain minimalism in this track. By sticking to the more simplistic yet melodic strumming, touch of gracious bass and delicate synth, it completely proves that less is so much more. The bouncy and expressive guitar compliments the crash symbol and tight drums throughout all of the song. The instrumentation is also swimming in airy and vivid lyrics;

“What if I were where you were? So middle class it has to hurt, ashamed of all these things I’ve done. Forgive me, I was much too young. But that was then and this is now, tired from all these tales I tell. I’ve only come to tell you it’s the last time, once in a life time. Tears run and we keep falling further apart.”

The lyrics move and intrigue you to go along this journey of love with The Mutineers. They come off as poetic, which furthermore adds to the atmosphere of the song. These lyrics to me are so sweet. The lyrics wave through a journey of emotions having to deal with heartache. A man comes to realization of the things he’s done in the past, and how a relationship is gradually deteriorating. The tone used in the vocals defines the lyric’s scenario; the voice represents the struggle while the strong lyrics represents how the man is slowly realizing the circumstances. With a fragile and soft voice against deep lyrics, the opposites completely work with one-another. Between the instruments, vocals and lyrics, the three aspects come together as a unit to form an amiable song. I love Infidelity.

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