Let Me Introduce You To… Stella Ella Ola

Stella Ella OlaI love being able to bring great and admirable music to people who might not have experience it yet. A band I know who I must introduce you to deliver stella-r tunes from Toronto which were produced by Tokyo Police Club’s Graham Wright. Composed of brothers Nixon and Jake Boyd, Anne Douris and Vince Rice, they take their past music expertise which combined, creates a spunky and bold force.

If a garage happened to be in the middle of a sandy beach, that is where you would find Stella Ella Ola! This group brings you a definite vibe from their music which transports you to a land of waves, sand and surfboards. The philosophy behind the band’s tunes- make them short. Just today, there has been a countless amount of times I’ve played their track Summerette. There is something extremely addictive about it which draws you back for more! It shows elements which wave between punk and 60s music; the driven guitar chords mixed with the steady tambourine and harmonies are an interesting combination which work perfectly.

The adrenaline which shoots out through each of their songs is crazy. The loud and vivacious vocals pinned against the rough and adamant guitar makes a nice match. A fine example of this is shown in their tune Pressure Points. From the beginning “oh, ohoh, oh oh oh oh” which cascades into the dueting vocals of couple Nixon and Anne as they sing;

“Baby you’ve got so many rules, I’ve got so much to learn about you. ‘Cause every planet has its poles, no one ever goes there though. So take the time to show me the ropes, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.”

This track really gets more addictive each time I take a listen, and I’m glad when I had the lovely chance to talk with Nixon and Anne, they told me about Stella Ella Ola. They are an infectious and magnetic group who are representing Toronto in a fantastic way. I know that next time I’m at the beach, I’ll make a fun and perfect playlist titled, “Stella Ella Ola- Clap, Clap, Clap!” Be sure to follow them and listen to Pressure Points below!

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