Let Me Introduce You To… Little Night Terrors

The group from Leicester, England deliver alternative-indie tunes with twists and turns of punk and pop while showing hints of their many influences. Little Night Terrors is comprised of Andrew Stone, Daniel Holyoak and James Stone, and they swear their music will “give you the shake, rattle & roll”. With such a saying, they do deliver on it and I’m a witness! Their music is wicked and their crazy mix of influences add some unexpected curves to their songs.

Their first single, Pocket Rocket (Where the Light is) displays a few of their influences such as 70s punk with their fierce and humming guitar, and also some of their new wave influences which derive from bands like The Cure. Hearing this song for the first time, it really hooks you in. I’d have to say, it’s my favourite one by them so far.

The first verse holds this funky and low bass which compliments the beautiful melody that the guitar expresses. The backing vocals draw you into the chorus and really make me want to sing along. Once you sing through the first chorus, the upbeat drums and slammin’ downwards strumming on the guitar kick into the next verse with the lyrics; “I could be the waves, and I know you could be the sea. It could take forever, but I know it’s good for me.” The contrast between the punk instrumentation and the lyrics of a relationship is a nice touch. I’m not sure anymore how many times I’ve listened to this track already this morning. To get hooked, check out this tasty jam below!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQxeB3Qncgw?feature=player_embedded&w=480&h=300]

I’m glad I was introduced to this band, and I found them through Twitter out of all places. If you want a new group you can listen to who deliver extremely memorable, melodic and different music, this group has the right noise! Follow Little Night Terrors below to find out more on tour dates through Facebook, watch their music videos on Youtube and to see what they’re up to on Twitter!

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