You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Just for Fun”

Just for Fun by Alpaca Sports

All the way from Sweden, Alpaca Sports deliver this delightful tune. From the opening notes this song springs into life. With the joyful refrain of the vocal intro I already knew there was some ear candy to be heard. The lead vocal kicks in with a light and breezy backing track playfully driving the upbeat tempo. With a sweet melody in the verses, the chorus shifts in to a melancholy that overlaps with the title lyric. Very simple yet very clever songwriting . The next time the vocal break kicks in, it is beautifully paired with sweeping strings that help add subtle texture to the section. All of a sudden the band drops out to showcase a simple violin passage played with just enough tenderness to lead us back into the inevitable outro. Just For Fun is packed with infectious hooks and a sweetness that will make your teeth tingle. That is why, you’ve GOT to hear this!

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Yaz Atout

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