You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Pink Bullets”

Pink Bullets by The Shins

There are many ways by which a song can be great. Sometimes we have criteria that guide our beliefs, while at other times it’s simply a matter of momentary mood that guides our taste. We can crave songs like we crave food, or get sick of them from overindulgence. Sometimes, however, all those rules and all that variability goes out the window with a song that you just can’t bring yourself to skip.  Pink Bullets by The Shins definitely qualifies as a classic that never grows old, and as a song that is rooted in many of my playlists, never gets skipped.

Although released back in 2003 off their album Chutes Too Narrow, Pink Bullets has a lasting ability to take your brain on a journey. From the first guitar twang the music pulls you in and carries you through a narrative somewhere far away. Getting lost in the calming melody, echoing vocals and brilliant lyrics it’s easy to feel why this song is hard to pass up.  Need a new staple to play, well, any time of the day? Then you’ve GOT to hear this.

 Nadia Kaakati

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