Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Big Deal

There is a certain album that has been playing non-stop in my house. And when I say “non-stop”, I mean anytime someone has their players on, Big Deal has a track appearance! Their album Lights Out delivers completely divine and magnificent tracks that we cannot get enough of. The duo’s comprised of Alice Costelloe and Kacey Underwood, and may I say, their voices are perfect together. When I heard back from the band with them saying they’d love to do the interview, it was a good feeling. Kacey answered some questions I’ve been wanting to know for a while now. Take a look at this extremely funny and great interview, the laugh you’ll get is completely worth it.

AMBY: I’d just like to say, Lights Out is a stellar album. We’ve been playing it a lot lately and I’m sure that won’t stop! For those who have yet to have the delightful opportunity of hearing your music, how would you describe your sound?

BD: We are horrible at describing things. Music was actually an excuse just to not have to describe anything ever. But since you asked, like a pizza made of clouds and ice cream. Told you.

AMBY: Nahh, that was a perfect description! As a duo, what do each of you contribute to the songwriting process?

BD: Since I (KC) am the one taking the time to answer these questions I have to say I do everything. Alice gets thirsty and needs to go for walks in between my getting everything ever done.

AMBY: Haha, what three songs would you say define the Big Deal sound?

BD: Happy Birthday (by everyone), Are you Lonesome tonight, (Elvis) and Sleepwalk (Santo and Johnny)

AMBY: Interesting combo! What are your favourite TV shows and snack foods?

BD: ICE CREAM. We love My So Called Life and an impossibly long titled anime.

AMBY: Who doesn’t love ice-cream? And I heard you guys are practicing with a full-band, how’s that changing the dynamics?

BD: It’s allowing us to all kinds of things we couldn’t before. It’s still very much the two of us, just fulfilled. We will still do what we did for our first record, much of the songs still work in that way, but playing with a band opens up a lot of places for us.

AMBY: I’m really looking forward to hearing that. What’s next as far as touring and is Canada on the map? We could do coffee!

BD: We may do a little tour before we go in to record the new material but Canada is definitely not going to happen this year sadly. Neither of us have ever been there so we are hoping we are lucky enough to do so next year once the record comes out. Tell everyone in Canada to get it so we can come visit and it won’t be awkward.

AMBY: Don’t worry, I’ll spread the word. And it would be great if next year happens! What was the last song played on your iPods?

BD: Honestly, it was a song we just recorded today. You end up listening to your own music a lot when its getting made, sucking the life and love from it before anyone else even hears it. Other then that it was ‘ Are You Lonesome Tonight’ , which I had to listen to to check if it was still amazing. It is. He talks towards the end. Not many people can get away with that.

AMBY: Last but not least! If you were each a superhero, who would you want to be?

BD: OHHHHH we like this question. Yes I am answering for Alice so I will try to use my psychic powers. I think she would like to be Kitty Pride. Since I already have psychic powers I’d have to go with someone who could fly, but not superman.

I told you this interview was worth reading! Their music is mellow and comforting and their personalities are extremely bright and humourous. What’s not to love? My favourite track by them is titled Distant Neighborhood. I honestly cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard his song… If you’d like to be transported to a world of tranquility and love, then take a listen to Big Deal NOW! I’d also like to thank you Big Deal, for giving me your answers!


Alicia Atout

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