You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Slow”

Slow by Twin Shadow

Although I am definitely a fan of music that provides an uplifting, motivational boost, sometimes that just won’t satisfy your mood. Given that moods shift drastically, it can be beneficial to have varied go-to’s when in need of finding the right song for the right moment.

When I reach a state where optimism just won’t cut it, I have a batch of fulfilling songs that get blasted through my stereo or headphones, and a favourite includes Twin Shadow’s Slow. With a retro inspired sound that pulls you in, the heavy drums and base make it easy to get lost. Once the vocals begin,  they build until the chorus is reached which acts almost as an anthem, and urge you to chant along. The repetition of “I don’t want to, believe…” weaves itself through the song, only to also double as the last lyric. Lingering, it is eerie and effectively rousing.  Frustrated with that thing they call love, or simply in the mood to blare a great song?  Then you’ve GOT to hear this.

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Nadia Kaakati

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