Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Enemy

An Interview with Tom Clarke of The Enemy!

Calling all Enemy fans! It’s Saturday, Saturday! From their first single Away from Here to their newer one Gimme the Sign, The Enemy have been part of my music library for a very long time! I’m not sure which angle of the band I prefer more… Is it how they can captivate you within a first listen with their quick, distorted guitars and thumping bass? Or am I in love with the smashing, kinetic drums and amazing vocal performance delivered in every song? There are so many great  aspects to love about this band. So when lead vocalist Tom Clarke replied saying he’d do an interview, I knew it was going to be great…

AMBY: Your latest album Streets In the Sky was released earlier this year and I have to say, there are some fantastic tracks off of it! Which track do you think HAS to be on everyone’s player?

TC: My own favourite is still changing from week to week. This Is Real is cutting it at the moment. It’s by far the one I look forward to playing the most.

AMBY: Once I heard the new single Gimme the Sign, I must have played it over at least 10 times in a row. What was the song writing process for that song like? OR What was the highlight of recording that song/the album?

TC: We’d been working on Bigger Cages Longer Chains for hours in our little rehearsal room when we took a break for some food. After we’d eaten we walked back in and launched straight into the riff that became Gimme The Sign. It was one of those that writes itself. First time we ever played it, it was pretty much identical to how it is on the record today. Wish they were all that easy!

AMBY: Where do all of the kinetics come from in The Enemy’s music? The energy is mad!

TC: I guess that varies. It’s almost always driven by some kind of deep seated passion, whether that’s frustration or varying kinds, angst, love, or just general commitment to whatever the subject matter is. The result is everybody gets the point and feels involved. Passion is one of the most contagious things I’ve ever come across.

AMBY: That’s an amazing thing your music does, it really makes you feel a part of something! And if you could invite three of your idols to dinner who would you choose?

TC: Keith Moon, my favourite drummer to ever walk the earth, just to hear him tap his knife and fork on the table would be spine tingling. John Cooper Clarke for his snapping observations, and probably Einstein, because I really enjoy having my mind blown every now and again.

AMBY: That would be one hell of a dinner! Tell me something no one knows about you, yet…

TC: That’s a tough one because I’m pretty open about everything, so it’s hard to think of something that I’ve kept to myself! I’m a huge car enthusiast, not many people know that, I’d say it occupies 50% of my capacity for passion, the remainder being ring fenced for music obviously!

AMBY: Really? I wouldn’t have known, glad we asked! Also, are there any plans for a North American tour? We’ve been wanting to see The Enemy for years over here!

TC: We did a few dates years and years ago when we were on Warners. The Trubador in L.A, Chicago, NYC, Boston and San Fran. I love America, I once drove from one side to the other so I’d love to. The record label seem pretty keen to so it’s not out of the question.

AMBY: On the topic of seeing bands live! If you had a time machine to go back, which bands would you have loved to see in concert?

TC: Led Zepp. No contest. Always been the ultimate for me, although Pink Floyd circa Battersea Power Station gigs with giant flying pigs would be pretty cool too!

AMBY: And lastly, I’d like to say that since 2006 you guys have been delivering killer tracks filled with angst and energy to your fans, so is there anything you’d like to say to them?

TC: More than anything, just thank you. We have an abundance of love and respect for our fans and we’re committed to trying to give you all the music you want by way of thanks for your unwavering support. We are acutely aware and always have been, that without you guys there would be no Enemy, just three lads in a room playing tunes for themselves. You guys make it all worthwhile, so a massive thanks.

If you haven’t heard of The Enemy yet, I’d advise you to take a listen right this moment! Their latest album Streets In the Sky is out now, and their killer single Gimme the Sign is a tune you’ve GOT to hear. I know this is a band who will always continue to be played in my house, so why not add them to yours? And of course, I have to say thank you very much Tom, for giving me your answers!


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