Let Me Introduce You To… Live Like Kings

Live Like Kings are an indie-rock band from Brighton, UK who are delivering intense, energetic, melodic songs that go along with their wicked lyrics to a T. The group’s comprised of Adam Thomas O’neill, Luke Porthouse, Adam Kidson and Tom Weeks, and when their strengths are put together, you get some “shit-kicking”, rockin’ noise to your ears.

The song which I really like would have to be Teenage Brass. The track has a fetching intro; it begins with a deep and rumbling bass which ties in with the drawn-strums played by the guitar as the ticking drums are waiting to explode. Then, the music stops temporarily and you wait for a moment, and suddenly you’re hit with such an intense amount of admirable energy. The drums finally burst as the guitar and bass follow a similar, hooking riff. This allows for my favourite part to kick in. Vocalist O’neill storms into the mix with his Paolo Nutini-esque vocals which express emotion ever so well. There is such an irresistible strain and abundance of emotion that’s displayed through his vocals that the track as a whole comes across as infectious.

As soon as the chorus arrives, you know it’s going to be good. Backing vocals swaying with “whoo, whoo, whoos” add a nice touch to the already splendid atmosphere the band creates. Then a guitar solo is played which completely captures Live Like Kings’ attitude; a distorted guitar rings an extremely memorable solo so catchy you can sing along to, and it still maintains that touch of rock ‘n’ roll the group desires in their music. This intertwines into the next verse and then the final solo, which rips into the middle-eight as the lyrics “I can’t live like this anymore” hover over an almost eerie and subdued guitar. The final chorus really hits home as all the elements of backing vocals, tight drums, loud guitar and thumping bass are combined.

If you aren’t convinced already, listen to Teenage Brass now! The track’s available off iTunes and you can also take a listen in the video below. Follow LLK on Twitter for more updates about a new, upcoming single as well! You WILL be hooked.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrkFuTZLyTw?feature=player_detailpage&w=480&h=300]

Alicia Atout

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