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Double-Feature on The Sherlocks ft. Let Me Introduce You To… & Gimme Your Answers!

There are often times where I need a certain tune to release all of my energy… Sometimes these tracks are hard to find, but when it comes to The Sherlocks’ music, I feel as if I can let go and dance around with their relatable hymns of relationships and struggles. The band from Sheffield take you through a journey where they touch on a tonality that will transport you back to the 60s to make you feel as if you were part of a scene in Quadrophenia. Swinging “whoos” will hook you in with the well-pocketed bass and lively drums. Within a listen of their songs, you’ll be addicted!

So when I had the chance to talk to their drummer Brandon about the band, it was great. Check out this interview to gather some details on who influences their sound, what’s to come and more!

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Sherlocks!

AMBY: How did The Sherlocks get together?

The Sherlocks: Firstly the band consists of two sets of brothers, Brandon & Kiaran Crook and Andy & Josh Davidson. Kiaran and Andy became friends when Andy & Josh moved next door to Brandon & Kiarans Grandparents in Bolton On Dearne. They used to play football with other local lads from the area. One new years eve, Brandon and Kiaran were playing together in the front room for close family, when they over heard Josh playing his guitar next door. Michael Crook (Father/Manager) suggested to go round and invite him to play with us in the future. Over the coming months Josh was introduced to Brandon and Kiaran through young Andy, and The Sherlocks were formed. Kiaran (Lead Vocals/Rhythm guitar), Josh Davidson (Vocals/Lead guitar) Andy Davidson (Backing Vocals/Bass Guitar) Brandon (Drums). Originally Andy was the lead vocals until he decided to play the bass guitar, this is when Kiaran and Josh took over the role of the lead vocals.

AMBY: How would you describe your music to someone who’s yet to hear it?
The Sherlocks: I would describe our music as original however you can hear who our influences are. You could not listen to our songs and label us to sounding like one particular band. We have alot of influences which includes the likes of  Arctic Monkeys, The Jam, The Libertines, The Beatles, Oasis, Kasabian, Pigeon Detectives, The Courteeners, The Strokes The Enemy. etc. But to describe our music to someone who hasn’t heard us before, an example I would use is if The Sherlocks were a cake the main three ingredients to make this band would be Arctic Monkeys, The Jam, The Libertines, which a few added extras. We have a very raw original sharp tight sound about us which is very catchy and easy to dance to. A lot of thought goes into our lyrics so people can relate to them in both our local area and elsewhere easily. Our songs in general are about our local area, relationships and everyday struggles.
AMBY: I can gather every aspect of the music from that explanation, and that is such an epic list of inspirations! Speaking of your music, the band have released some great tracks available on iTunes, so what’s next to come?
The Sherlocks: Next we are going to record another EP which is going to be bigger and better than the last. We have already written a few more songs since the last EP and there are a few more ideas flying about. So far the songs we have written are sounding a lot stronger and more mature, we will then release it onto iTunes again. I’m sure you are all going to love it. Whilst this is taking place we will continue gigging and playing to new people acquiring more experience and gaining a bigger fan base. We also have a music video on the way to stay tuned.
AMBY: Let me tell you… I’m looking forward to hearing it all! If you could see any three of your influences live, who would they be?

The Sherlocks: Already seen most of my influences but to those I haven’t seen either due to them not being either dead or not together no longer it would have to be: The Beatles, Oasis, and The Libertines.

AMBY: Who are the last three artist/bands you listened to?

The Sherlocks: The Courteeners, The Libertines, The Stone Roses.

AMBY: Good mix. And lastly, tell us something about each member of the band.
The Sherlocks: Kiaran is pretty chilled out, loves his music and going to gigs. Josh also loves listening to music, his steak dinners are a favourite and likes social websites such as Facebook. Andy loves to out with his friends and have a laugh, and he is always thinking of new basslines. Brandon supports Sheffield Wednesday Football Club and also likes going out to gigs and for a drink when he gets free time.

The group already has a lovely fan base through their Facebook and Twitter and are on track for far larger horizons. So to hear more about upcoming gigs and to become part of that fan base too, follow them on either accounts! If you’ve yet to, take a listen to their tracks through iTunes to begin moving to that mod-ified beat!

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  1. Brilliant boys keep up the good work, A million mods want to hear a band like you , go to Italy they would love you,and you must do Isle Of Wight scooter ralley , keep the flame an thankyou for a good night at Scawthorpe

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