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Double-Feature on Shade of Red ft. Let Me Introduce You To… & Gimme Your Answers!

With such fetching vocals, warming harmonies, and a comforting vibe, the band from St. Ives, Cornwall really hooked me. The band consists of Dani, Elliot, Isaac, Fred and Josh, and they began back in 2011 with their first EP Don’t Trust the Captain. I must admit, normally it takes a couple listens for a song to capture my ears and to get my voice rolling, but the first time I heard their track Shakespeare, they had me. The song delivers gorgeous lyrics which would swoop anyone off their feet to either dancing or into absolute enchantment as vocalist Dani sings,

“I could be the next Shakespeare, but I never write things down, ‘cause all the words are in my head but they’re playing games they don’t wanna stick around- no! I’m not Einstein, but I can tell you will go far you will go far, and if there’s one thing I definitely know- it’s girl I like you the way you are.”

This along with memorable riffs and joyous tunes of love, Shade of Red are a band you have to check out. Dani took the time to do an interview with me and I quite love the answers I received! So take a look at the interview below to find out what’s to come with the band, and also to see why I adore this certain Shade of Red!

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Shade of Red

AMBY: Which three songs would you say define the Shade of Red sound?

SOR: That’s a tough one but I (personally) would say on the new EP: Worry by Little Comets, Slow Cheetah by RHCP, Tales of Grime And Grit by Ruarri Joseph. But that’s a pretty big simplification, I’m sure we could list 100’s of songs which have some element of our sound! Its really difficult to narrow it down to something like that cause we’re all influenced by something different. Some other songs we came up with included:

Ding Deng Dong by KAL
Havergal Brian’s Gothic Symphony
Window Licker by Aphex Twin

But then again maybe not…

AMBY: And for your own music, I hear there’s a new EP coming up titled Anne Ivory! What’s to be expected on that?

SOR: We’ve been working on Anne Ivory since about June but college put things on hold for a while. Overall Anne Ivory is a much more condensed and direct release for us than our debut Don’t Trust The Captain, recording at our home studio once again with a DIY approach. We set out to go for quality over quantity this time around, limiting ourselves to just 4 tracks and insuring that nothing went on the record if it wasn’t what we really wanted people to hear. Don’t Trust The Captain was an amazing learning process but we felt it was far from perfect, we wanted to see how far we could push the professionalism with Anne Ivory. There’s definitely a punchier sound to this EP, and I’d have to say that Tragedy of Artists is my favourite track.

AMBY: The teaser for it is lovely, really looking forward to hearing it fully! If the band could have dinner with three of your idols/influences, who would they be and why?

 I’d have to say Thom Yorke, although it might be quite a depressing meal…
Isaac: Barry White, because he’s the walrus of love.
Elliot: John Frusciante. Definitely a big influence on me when I started playing electric.
Fred: The monk off the front of that French cheese.

AMBY: Coffee or tea? …Why?

SOR: It would have to be tea for us, its become a bit of a band practice ritual to have multiple tea breaks.

AMBY: Who are some bands you’d love to see live?

SOR: I think Pulp would be pretty incredible. Talking Heads, ’cause who wouldn’t want to see them. Isaac really wants to see Steel Pulse. I think Little Comets would have to be up there too. Fred recommends The Sad Bastard Book Club and I would have to agree.

AMBY: Talking Heads would be killer, all of those bands would be! And last but not least, tell me something about each band member that nobody knows… yet!

SOR: I have a serious Mars bar addiction. Its actually pretty disgusting. This summer Isaac was brewing meth in the BBC archives. It’s almost certain that Elliot will break at least 2 strings every time we play… Josh builds longboards, they’re cool. Fred draws strange things… http://uncle-salad.deviantart.com/gallery/


If you haven’t, be sure to take a listen to their tracks and follow them on Twitter and Facebook to find out more about their upcoming Anne Ivory EP! Also take a look at their EP teaser where Fred shows off his talent! And of course, thank you Shadeo of Red, for giving me your answers!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzAsjhmJ4uM?feature=player_profilepage&w=480&h=300]

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