Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Eux Autres

Want rock? Want some indie pop? Want some new, interesting and catchy music? Want to keep it number one? Then Eux Autres are the band you have to check out. I’ve been into them for quite some time now and will never get enough of their tunes. So when siblings Heather and Nick were gracious enough to do an interview with me, I was extremely excited! So check it out!
AMBY: When you began recording your first album Hell Is Eux Autres in 2004, what were the dynamics like recording together as siblings?

HEATHER: We fought a lot, and we still fight a lot. But back then, Nick was definitely more of the creative force and I was just sort of having a lost time as a person. But the actual recording of the album was a life changing experience for me. We were at this studio called Type Foundry in my favorite part of Portland with this amazing engineer, Jeff Saltzman. Every day I would go home shocked that we had actually made good music. It was pretty magical.

NCHOLAS: I remember that neither of us knew what we were doing, and we were both worried that we wouldn’t be able to make it through any of the songs without screwing up. And lots of arguing.
AMBY: What’s another one of your other hobbies aside from, well, making awesome music?
HL: I love to write, to eat good food, and to travel. I own too many lipsticks and eat way too much ice cream.
NL: I’m a huge soccer fan. I wake up early on the weekends to watch the English and Italian leagues.
AMBY: If you could see any one of your influences live, who would that be?
HL: I would love to see the Kinks. Complete with a Davies brothers fist fight.
NL: I’d really like to see the Replacements. Based on what I’ve seen and read, they were amazing live.
AMBY: If you could play a gig anywhere in the world, where would you want that to be, and who would you want to play it with?
HL: A villa in the Italian Countryside with Phil Lynott-fronted Thin Lizzy. Or at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen with early Dinosaur Jr.
NL: Buenos Aires, with…the Troggs.
AMBY: Who tends to be the most annoying one in the band?
HL: We each think the others are the most annoying. We all have our charming tics. I am the hothead. Nick is the control freak.
NL: I’ve got no complaints. Heather has always been an absolute dream to work with.
AMBY: Are there any certain foods or snacks you like to eat while touring?
HL: Cracker Jack, although it’s extremely messy. Have’A Chips. Starbucks Doubleshot cans. Those disgusting “burnt peanuts” that are made with arcinogenic red dye. They sell them at truck stops. Timbits in Canada.
NL: About once a week on tour, I decide that those truck stop lattes (the really sweet ones that taste like a hot milkshake) are a good idea. I usually severely burn my tongue and then remember why i don’t like them after a few sips.
AMBY: And speaking of touring, are there any tour plans forthcoming? I’d love to see you in Canada!
HL: We have no current touring plans, but we’re always game. We LOVED touring in Canada! I’m a huge fan.
AMBY: Who are some bands you happen to be listening to a lot lately?
HL: The Cribs. And really old country on this Sirius radio station called Willy’s Roadhouse.
NL: King Tuff. I really like that new record.
AMBY: And lastly, Heather- Being the badass vocalist of Eux Autres, what are the pros and cons of being the only female?
HL: The pros are that I am never the odd man out because on tour everyone wants female company. They get sick of the sausage fest of touring and just want to talk about their girlfriends or their feelings or whatever, and they seek me out. The worst part is drunk guys at the merch booth. I’m a sitting duck back there.

I’m very glad I had the chance to have a chat with this band! Eux Autres have been a part of my library for years now, and they just keep delivering splendid tracks. They recently released a video for one of my favourite songs Right Again, and I highly advise you take a peak so you can understand my hype on this band! And last but not least, thank you Eux Autres, for giving me your answers!

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