Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Pack A.D.

Pack ADThe Pack A.D. are an uncontainable force of energy that can’t be stopped. The duo consisting of Maya and Becky have been bringing their brand of ass-kicking to the masses. None is more evident than on their latest album Unpersons! We had some questions that we just had to ask them, so their drummer & songwriter Maya took the time to graciously give us her answers!

AMBY: How did the two of you meet and form the Pack A.D. ?

MM: We were in another band and when that band ended we carried on and made this band.

AMBY: Good choice! How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard you yet?

MM: Fast and loud good times.

AMBY: And from a songwriting aspect, how do the two of you put the tunes together?

MM: It varies. Becky will come up with a riff or I’ll come up with a drum line and then we combine together. We both write lyrics – at times, we can’t remember who came up with what.

AMBY: Your latest album Unpersons packs a punch! How have the songs evolved in your live gigs?

MM: Probably they’ve gotten faster – we tend to speed up when we’re having a good time.

AMBY: What’s your favourite thing to eat while on tour?

MM: Salads, vegetables, soup.

AMBY: Which three songs are quintessential Pack A.D. ?

MM: Sirens, Cobra Matte, Don’t Have to Like You.

AMBY: Couldn’t agree more. What were the last three artists you listened to?

MM: Timber Timbre, Gary Numan, Blondie.

AMBY: Who’s a band you’d love to tour with?

MM: Timber Timbre, Radio Radio, Karkwa, The Dears…just realized these are all Montreal bands and also we’d be a terrible fit, so mainly I’d like to just watch their shows every night.

AMBY: Go Canada! If the band were a superhero, who would you be?

MM: Hulk.

AMBY: Pack A.D. SMASH. What trend in music do you find the most annoying?

MM: New Pop, Katy Perry style.

AMBY: I would agree, that type of music is pretty terrible.Where would you go in a time machine?

MM: Probably the future, seems the past you just get killed all the time.

AMBY: Too true. And lastly, tell me something about you both that nobody knows.

MM: We both like anchovies on pizza.

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to hear The Pack A.D., where have you been?! Lend an ear to their superb track Sirens. Check out the video below and also take a look at their tour dates here, never know when you can see a fantastic gig! And of course, thank you The Pack A.D. for giving me your answers!


Alicia Atout

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