Gimme Your Answers 2: An Interview w/ Steel Panther

An Interview with Michael Starr of Steel Panther!

Well, it’s Steel Panther interview round two! After having the opportunity of speaking to the band’s badass drummer Stix, their vocalist Michael Starr also took the time to answer a few questions for us! He talks about their music, favourite concert moments and of course what the infamous Michael Starr does in his spare time! I have to tell you, not one answer in this interview is boring… So do it, check out this interview with our man Michael for some Starr power!

AMBY: I just have to begin by saying thanks for taking the time to talk to us, because we know you’ve been crazy busy! What’s the band up to?

Starr: Rehearsing for our upcoming world tour. Getting high, surfing and eating lots of pizza and pussy.

AMBY: How would you explain your epic music to others?

Starr: It’s just the best music to me ever. I love to sing it and I love to have sex to it when I’m on the road. It actually keeps me hard longer to hear myself sing while I’m fucking.

AMBY: Steel Panther have some rad lyrics! So which would you say is your favourite?

Starr: I really have no favorite because the lyrics fit different moods for me. Some days I feel like eatin pussy and some times I feel like having an Asian hooker.

AMBY: Tell me one of your funniest concert moments. There’s got to be some classics!

Starr: Oh yea one time I was singing really hard and I sharted in my pants. Never stopped the show.

AMBY: That is a classic! What’s your favourite song to play live?

Starr: Death To All But Metal.

AMBY: The best! And which member would you kick off the tour bus and why?

Starr: Lexxi. Cause he is in the bathroom in front of the mirror morning, noon and night. I end up having to piss in a water bottle. One time I pissed in a Gatorade bottle and put it in the fridge and Lexxi drank it lol.

AMBY: Who’s someone you’d like to punch in the head?

Starr: Jacob from Twilight.

AMBY: I’d have to agree on that one. Have you ever bumped into any of the people mentioned in Death to All But Metal? And if so, what happened?

Starr: Yeah one time  I was at Kentucky Fried Chicken and I ran into Kanye West, he is a little pissed off at me but we sat down together and had a few beers and talked it over and turns out the thing he is mad at is that we called him gay because he’s not gay but he did get together with 50 Cent once.

AMBY: Who are your three all-time favourite vocalists?

Starr: Robin Zander from Cheap Trick, Ian Gilland from Deep Purple, David Lee Roth from Van Halen and Celine Dion.

AMBY: What does Michael Starr do in his downtime?

Starr: I like to jog, and listen to my demos and Satchel’s demos and Stix’s demos. I like to eat Jamba juice in the morning. And Starbucks for lunch. I like to hang out with girls. I like to go to the beach and surf. I like to walk around in the canyons. I like to go to the movies. I like to go down to the sunset strip and pick up girls at the whiskey. sometimes I go to the rainbow and have pizza.


That may have just become one of my favourite answers for this segment! I must say, you’re such a dynamic front man, what’s your pre-gig ritual to get hyped up to take the stage?

Starr: Before I go on I do a pre show work out. Push-ups, situps, stretching, one shot of Jack Daniels, two bumps, three Vicodin.

AMBY: Sounds intense. Who would you say are the three worst artists in music?

Starr: That really comes down to taste. For me if it is not metal it sucks.

AMBY: And who are the three best?

Starr: Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Scorpions.

AMBY: What’s your guilty pleasure song?

Starr: Hoobastank The Reason.

AMBY: And Steel Panther British Invasion is going to be out soon, and the trailers are fantastic! Did Lexxi ever learn the difference between a boom mic and a camera?!

Starr: Yes, he did we bought him a new iPhone. And now he knows how to take pictures and where to look to get pics of  himself.

AMBY: That’s good to know, congrats Lexxi! And lastly, we asked Stix this question, but would love to hear your perspective! Tell me something about each of the band members that nobody knows.

Starr: Stix gets Botox. Lexxi loves Wrestling. Satchel loves to rescue dogs and fund them homes.

What fantastic answers, I’d have to say that just when I think Steel Panther can’t get any more rad, they bring themselves to another level of awesomeness. As always, this band never fails to bring the laughs and the epic music. Definitely check out the newest trailer for  Steel Panther British Invasion! Last but not least I’d love to thank you Michael, for giving me your answers! And of course… DEATH TO ALL BUT METAL!


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