Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Kassidy

An Interview with Lewis Andrew of Kassidy!

The first time I heard Oh My God by Kassidy, the song really had a hold on me with its swaying melody followed by such courageous, harmonious and uplifting lyrics. Not only was Kassidy’s first album Hope St. great, but the band’s latest record One Man Army completely delivered on everything I expected. So when I had the chance to ask the group’s Lewis Andrew some questions, I found out about upcoming gigs, their latest album, horror movies, and much more!

AMBY: So what has the band been up to lately?

LA: We have been recently writing some new music, experimenting with sounds and different recording methods, it’s exciting!

AMBY: Sounds it! Which four words describe Kassidy’s sound?

LA: Singer Songwriter harmony driven.

AMBY: I really love the direction you’ve taken with One Man Army, what was the recording process like on it?

LA: It was interesting, we set ourselves a goal to record the record in one week, we went to Rockfield studios and worked on it for about 18 hours a day. Your mind travels to weird and wonderful places due to the lack of sleep but our dream of recording a record live in a week was achieved.

AMBY: That’s incredible, congrats on that! What are your feelings about the album now that you’ve had time to reflect on it?

LA: I love it, I love the songs and when listening on it now you can hear how we were feeling and I can feel the week we spent recording it. Like a memory locked in CD form!

AMBY: Are there any tour plans or cool gigs forthcoming?

LA: We played up north the other night, and going to Ireland on Thursday, but we are going to buckle down and start writing just now.

AMBY: Which two songs off each Hope St. and One Man Army are essential to hear?

LA: Hope Street: I’d say The Traveller and Stray Cat, they were very early songs which stood the test of time from when written to the recording process.

One Man ArmyOne Man Army and This Life Is An Ocean they are two songs that as soon as I heard them I fell in love.

AMBY: All extremely wonderful songs. Who are the last three artists you listened to?

LA: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Psy, and Jeff Buckley.

AMBY: What is your guilty-pleasure song?

LA: Don’t have any guilty pleasures, music tastes an opinion and I love most stuff.

AMBY: Which album are you most embarrassed to own?

LA: Don’t have any embarrassing albums.

AMBY: When we were speaking earlier you mentioned you were about to watch a horror movie, so I have to ask! What did you decide on?

LA: Session 9… It’s ok so far!

AMBY: That’s good to hear! And which song would you say is the best of 2012 thus far?

LA: Lana Del Rey’s Video Games.

AMBY: Lastly, tell me something about the band that nobody knows… Yet!

LA: When we formed our band we took a blood oath and are now blood brothers.

If you’ve yet to listen to Kassidy’s latest album, lend your ears over to the lovely tune One Man Army. I was singing this song aloud within my first listen, and I bet you’ll be enthralled to do the same! Not only that, but you’ll want to hear the rest of the album. The song is presented with a really creative video as well which captures the track’s essence, so be sure to watch it below. I also would really love to thank you Lewis, for giving me your answers!


Alicia Atout

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