Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Low Roar

An Interview with Ryan Karazija of Low Roar!

This one is pretty exciting for me, for Low Roar really have an impact on my love for writing. The moment I heard my first track off of the self-titled album, the gentle strums on the guitar of Give Up soar while the divine vocals of Ryan Karazija begin. It was one of those moments where music really hit me, and to this day I still am unsure how, but the album in its entirety always is able to transport me into a world of serenity, and I completely fall in love with the music! I had the the opportunity of speaking to Ryan which was a dream- We spoke not only about the band, but his lavish songwriting and views on music.

AMBY: I have to begin by saying Low Roar is such a stellar album! Which track are you most proud of and why?

RK: Thank you so much… I do not really have a particular track I am most proud of, they all hold something different for me personally. When I think of the songs, I definitely think of them differently then you or anyone else…cause I know exactly what they are about and where I was mentally and physically when I was writing and recording them…I feel like that makes them less special almost, then if I was someone who had no idea about any of that, and got to paint whatever picture I felt like painting in my head.

AMBY: How would you describe Low Roar in three words?

RK: Not finished yet.

AMBY: I love that, and now that you’ve settled into Iceland, what would you say are your favourite things about the country? And out of curiosity, what’s the food like?!

RK: I really love living in Reykjavík…It feels like when you go out and eat a really great meal, and when you leave …you don’t feel too full and you don’t feel like you didn’t get enough…I feel perfectly satisfied….I figured I would go that way since the follow up was “what is the food like?” … The food is great, you can get all kinds of food here in Reykjavík. If you are talking about traditional dishes, I like those as well…and if you are talking about the FAR out Icelandic Traditional dishes, like Sheep Head…well no I don’t like that. smile

AMBY: Sounds like a perfect mix of, well, location and food! I have to tell you Ryan, your songwriting is extremely inspirational to me, so who inspires you?

RK: Thank you again… hmm, well all kinds of things are inspirational to me, not just other peoples music. I am inspired by things all the time…by things I see, feel, etc….

AMBY: You’re very welcome. Speaking of songwriting, what would you consider to be the best lyric you’ve written?

RK: I couldn’t answer that…

AMBY: The music of Low Roar is tranquil and very emotional, but this has to be asked. If you were a heavy metal band, who would you be?

RK: Hmm…Well hopefully I would be one you had never heard of before but couldn’t wait to hear more of.

AMBY: Great! Which three records did you last listen to?

RK: I haven’t listened to very much lately…I did listen to the new Sigur Rós album Valtari all the way through back in MAY…There is a girl named Sóley here from Iceland, and I have her album in my car right now…and I did listen to the new SIN FANG EP when it came out a few months back.

AMBY: I’ve been wondering for some time now, what’s the story behind Friends Make Garbage (Good Friends Take It Out)? It has to be my favourite track off the record!

RK: That song is about 2 of the best friends I ever had…The rest is for you to try to figure out and/or understand. We were very close…

AMBY: And if you could be any character in fiction, who would you be?

RK: LINK from Zelda.

AMBY: You’re about to play some shows with SoKo throughout Germany, Switzerland and Iceland. How important is touring to you?

RK: Touring is very important..and I hope I get more opportunities to do it ASAP. I really need to be doing more of it.
AMBY: Well, we would love to see you here in Canada. What do you think about the state of modern music?
RK: I try not to think about any of it…but it is hard to not do so..but writing all my thoughts out on it at the moment seems very boring to me. smile

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something nobody knows about you… Yet?

RK: For years I wore a size 43 shoe..since I was about 13 or 14…and now that I am 30, I wear a 42. It took me over 15 years to figure out I was wearing shoes too big for me.
If you have yet listened to Low Roar, then please lend an ear to the song Give Up. It was the first track of theirs which I ever heard, and I bet if you heard it, you’d be as enthralled as I was. And of course, thank you so much Ryan, for giving me your answers!

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