Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Chapel Club

An Interview with Alex Parry of Chapel Club!

Chapel Club are really setting a great vibe for their upcoming album! As of now, the band have released four tracks to give us a taste of their upcoming album. Their song Scared is so appealing; the dreamy introduction is matched with a blend of smooth vocals and a ethereal melody, and the song completely surrounds me with a whimsical-disco atmosphere. I’m excited to hear the album in its entirety, and to find out more, the band’s guitarist Alex Parry discussed the album and much more with me, so check it out!

AMBY: There’s been a lot going on with you guys, so tell us what the band’s been up to lately?
AP: Yeah, we’ve been pretty busy. There’s been some background stuff to do, like switching labels and doing a new record deal, as well as music stuff like releasing ‘Sleep Alone’ and putting an album sampler up on our website. We’ve also just finished developing a remix project which is now live on our website. Aside from that we’ve been making other general album preparations, writing and recording more music…business as usual.
AMBY: And you’re about to sign a new record deal, will this hopefully give the band the ability to create the music you would like to?
AP: I would hope so. Well I think we already have started making the music we want to and the new label will hopefully be the vehicle we need to put it out and present it in a way we want to.
AMBY: You’ve released a few lovely tracks from your upcoming album, how would you explain the progression in your sound?
AP: Thanks! I think the difference is that, because of the way it was made, the music on this album doesn’t so obviously belong to any period or any genre or ‘movement’, where as the last album maybe does. We didn’t over think anything, so I think it sounds pretty natural, much more so than our previous, to me.
AMBY: You’re welcome, we’re all looking forward to the full album! Which member would you kick off the tour bus and why?
AP: Ha, hmm. Honestly, none of them – if one goes then the whole dynamic disintegrates.
AMBY: And speaking about live shows, what’s the craziest thing that’s occurred at a live gig?
AP: Any band who’s ever played in Zurich will know of the guy that wears the fluorescent clothes and dances interpretively at the front of every show there, its not that crazy I guess but its unforgettable, in a bad way.
AMBY: Wow, that’s bizarre! Who do you wish would just go away?
AP: Oh my, a lot of people. Those who groundlessly discriminate, I guess.
AMBY: How do you feel about the state of modern music?
AP: I think its great, there’s a whole of shit, there always has been, but there’s a tremendous amount of interesting music out there, and its more accessible than ever. And I love that people are producing music at home and releasing it independently, its not just about record deals and radio play now, anyone can do anything really.
AMBY: That was an excellent explanation. Which three albums have influenced the band most as musicians?
AP: It would be impossible to narrow it down to only 3, but some important ones that we could probably agree on would be David Bowie Low, Deerhunter Cryptograms and Talking Heads Speaking in Tongues.
AMBY: Where did the concept for the Good Together remix project come from?
AP: It was a brainstorm between Lewis and our manager, we knew we wanted to do something that people could really get involved with, something tangible, and that’s what they came up with. We were all very impressed.
AMBY: What song could you live without ever hearing again?
AP: Haha! that’s a good one. Right now that Carly Rae Jepsen song is in my head and has been for the last few days, maybe that as I don’t think I can ever forget it now anyway.
AMBY: I think that song has gotten to all of us at one point or another! Which song is the best of 2012 so far?
AP: Got to be MadGibbs Shame.
AMBY: And lastly, tell me something about you that nobody knows.
AP:  Clueless is probably one of my favourite films. Hows that?
Haven’t heard of Chapel Club yet? Change that ASAP! Take a listen to their track Scared below and keep your eyes out for their upcoming album Good Together, I can tell it’s going to be stellar! And last but not least, thank you Alex, for giving me your answers!
Alicia Atout

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