Two Door Cinema Club: Concert Review, Interviews & Photos!

Last September 17th, I saw one of the most spectacular and marvelous concerts. Two Door Cinema Club completely rocked Toronto along with loved openers Bombay Bicycle Club and The Lonely Forest. Seeing them again, I had an idea of how extremely superb my night would be. Last Friday, they played @ The Sound Academy in Toronto, and surely did not disappoint anyone in the audience.

Prior to their show, we caught up with the band while they were at the driving range. Now this was quite the experience! We were able to talk to them a little bit about Beacon, the tour thus far, and other music. I have to tell you, it was a real thrill yet fright! The thrill- having the opportunity of chatting with a band I adore. The fright- their golfing! They were all very hospitable and took the time to do a 2Q Interview with me. Please admire all of the golf-swings and swearing in the background too; it was definitely a moment I will never forget! Check out the 2Q Interviews with Alex, Sam and Kevin here:

As the  crowd-going, dance song Sandstorm blasted in the background, Two Door Cinema Club made their way on stage on after another. As the smoke rose, the lights dimmed and then suddenly they broke into their first single off of their latest album Beacon, Sleep Alone. The drums began and then the gentle vocals made their way over Sam’s famous TDCC guitar-sound while Kevin kept a tight and funky bass beat. As I turned to watch the crowd, all I saw were smiles, singing, dancing and dreams of seeing a favourite band play right in front of them come true. It was definitely a sensational beginning to a brilliant night.
The band made sure to sneak in a few of everyone’s favourite tracks as well, for they played many songs off their first album Tourist History. Sleep Alone was followed by Undercover Martyn, Do You Want It All? and This is the Life. A highlight of the night for me happened to be in This is the Life. Alex really stretches his vocal range furthermore during a concert, and to hear him  loudly sing “THIS IS THE LIFE!” in the last verse was a real treat which brought back memories of last year’s show.
Afterwards they transitioned into the lovely Wake Up, You’re Not Stubborn and also threw in one of Alex’s favourite tracks to play so far, Sun. A great combination of old and new were played and by the twelfth song, the notorious Something Good Can Work rang through the venue. As the guitar notes to the song began, you could practically feel the room overjoyed as the crowd threw their hands in the air and began to sing, “There’s a spanner in the works you know, you gotta step up your game to make to the top. So go!” This created an absolute dance party on the floor.
Handshake and Eat That Up, It’s Good for You finished off the band’s setlist before their encore. Everyone chanted TWO DOOR, TWO DOOR! And afterwards they came back onto the stage to play Someday– the track Alex, Sam and Kevin all said in our interview was the song they loved to play the most so far on this tour. This was followed by Come Back Home and then finally, What You Know. The guitar lick rang in my mind the whole night, and it was the best way to end such a wonderful show.

Two Door Cinema Club are one of those bands that I’ve played over and over… and over. So having the absolute pleasure of speaking and seeing them once again was too surreal. The music was brilliant, the guys were lovely and the overall show was ace. I have to mention the lights; they were consistently excellent throughout the whole show thanks to their man Squib! With all of these components, how could you not have been pleased that night? So thank you Two Door Cinema Club, for giving us a night we’ll always remember and music that we will always love!

Alicia Atout x

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