Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Chevin

An Interview with Jon Langford of The Chevin!

The group from Otley, England have recently released their lovely debut album Borderland. Being introduced to them through my friend and fellow A Music Blog, Yea? colleague Natalia, I now can understand why she’s absolutely in love with them and puts The Chevin in her top three favourite bands. We had some questions for the group, so we spoke to their bass-guitarist Jon Langford to see what The Chevin have been up to lately!

AMBY: Where did the name The Chevin come from?

JL: The Chevin is the name of the big hill that overlooks our home town, Otley.

AMBY: Which three songs off Borderland should I play first for people that have not had the pleasure of hearing you yet?

JL: I think Champion, Blue Eyes and Dirty Little Secret would be a good introduction to what we do. Having said this, our record is quite varied, there’s even a ballad on it (Beautiful World).
AMBY: Why did you decide to record Borderland in El Paso, Texas and how did it affect the outcome?
JL: It just turned out that way. We wanted to record somewhere isolated and first we tried to find a studio in a forest. Then we got hooked up with our producer, Noah Shain, and he knew of this place called Sonic Ranch in the Texas desert. So I suppose fate decided, not us.
AMBY: What were the best memories from your tour with The Pigeon Detectives?
JL: The show in Leeds was great. There were lots of Leeds United chants going on in the crowd that night. Then we toured Europe with them and it was our first European tour so everyday was a new, amazing, interesting experience.
AMBY: You made your debut on American television recently. How was it performing on both Conan and Late Show with David Letterman?
JL: They were both amazing experiences. The Letterman performance was probably the most amazing as Michelle Obama was the other guest on the show so there were secret service people everywhere. They locked us in this little room in the basement until it was time for us to perform so we didnt get to meet the First Lady unfortunately.
AMBY: Where are your favourite places to play?
JL: Leeds, New York City and Gipton.
AMBY: What are your biggest non musical influences?
JL: I can’t speak for the rest of the band but for me it’s Yoda.
AMBY: How do you describe the songwriting process?
JL: Coyle usually writes a song on his acoustic guitar then brings it to the rehearsal room and we work in it together then we’ll make a demo of it and build from there.
AMBY: What is the best song of 2012 so far?
JL: I like Alabama Shakes’ Hold On.
AMBY: Tell me something about a band member that nobody knows.
JL: Mat is really good at doing impressions.
Borderland is out now, and I highly advise you take a listen because The Chevin’s music is extremely addictive. If you’ve yet to, check out a sketch of Jon Langford, Mal Taylor and Coyle Girelli! And last but never least, thank you very much Jon, for giving me your answers!
Alicia Atout

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