You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Quarry Hymns”

Quarry Hymns by Land of Talk

Ever since I watched Land of Talk perform a Take Away Show on La Blogotheque I was hooked.  Knowing they were Canadian, I was surprised I hadn’t heard of them before and took the plunge, buying their second album Cloak and Cipher.  Released in 2010, the Take Away Show came out right as the album hit the shelves, and I was both curious and anxious to see how it played out.  Thankfully, I there was no regret to be had as Land of Talk did not disappoint.  With contributions from Arcade Fire and Stars, the album captured what I truly love about Canadian Indie artists: vocal, lyrical, and musical harmony.

Hearing Elizabeth Powell’s voice raw and uncut was definitely a great way to first hear Quarry Hymns. A catchy, balanced, pleasant song off Cloak and Cipher, it blends Powell’s clean, strong, lulling voice with layered tunes.  Good for driving, walking, running, adventuring or really anything, it’s hard to avoid being hooked. In the mood for some Montreal melodies? Then you’ve GOT to hear this.
If you’re feeling like something more on the ballad side, then I would suggest listening to Color Me Badd.  If you’re leaning towards something heavier with more edge, then try turning to The Hate I Won’t Commit.  Both are off Cloak and Cipher, but really you can’t go wrong with giving the entire album a run though.
Nadia Kaakati

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