Regina Spektor: Concert Review!

When I was about twelve, I went through a huge phase where all I would listen to for months was Regina Spektor. There was something about how she could utilize her piano playing skills and combine it with her voice into a pop song. So when I headed to The Sony Centre in Toronto on Thursday, October, 11th to see Regina for my first time I was stoked. Before the show I even got to meet her and get her to sign my ticket which was really rad.

Once the show started she came out on stage along with a drummer, a cellist, and a keyboard player. She began the show by standing in the middle of the stage singing Ain’t No Cover and tapping her fingers on the microphone as she sang. The next song she sat at the piano and began to play one of my favourites, The Calculation. She played for not even a minute into the song when she stopped saying, “Shit, sorry guys, I fucked up.” The crowd cheered and encouraged her to continue, and the next thing we knew, she started again like nothing had happened. Her voice was extremely diverse showing off a sweeping range. Regina also reminded people that she is a masterful pianist with a keen sense of feel and timing. The other three musicians that accompanied her worked perfectly to compliment her playing style.  She played crowd favourites, such as Ode To Divorce, Blue Lips, All The Rowboats among with many others. Her encore was even stronger with Regina playing her hits, Us, Fidelity, and Samson. I can definitely say that everyone in that crowd walked away with an experience they will never forget.

Madison Atout

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