Savoir Adore: Concert Review, Interview & Photos!

On Saturday, October 13th, I headed downtown to see one of my favourite new groups, Savoir Adore. The duo from Brooklyn was set to play Rancho Relaxo- an intimate venue which I knew I’d enjoy. We arrived there and right outside the door was Paul and Deidre, a.k.a… Savoir Adore! It was great being able to chat with them and also let them know how addictive I find their music. They remembered me from when we did an interview prior to the gig, and they were extremely generous.

Paul and Deidre told me they were down to do a quick 2Q Interview, so check it out here:


After buying some new mementos (a tank-top, Our Nature on vinly and a poster), I was set to watch the concert! To my surprise, the band opened with their first single, Dreamers, off their latest album Our Nature. This is one of the most well-written songs I’ve heard in a while; it’s funky, dreamy and holds a certain love when its soaring melody hits such sweet vocals. The synth began and then the dance beat kicked in. I couldn’t help sway my body from side to side to such an infectious sound.

The jingle of Dreamers carried out through the venue as Savoir Adore went into their next track, Loveliest Creature. After buying the album, this track is climbing up there to be one of my favourite tracks of 2012. Deidre’s charming and soft voice started singing the lyrics to the track as the band jump in to sing the chorus. As they lifted their arms in the air to the driven beat, they only lifted the mood even more and their music created a delightful atmosphere. Next were tracks Bodies and At the Same Time. It was nice to hear some songs off their debut album In the Wooded Forest along with new songs off Our Nature.

Following this was Sea of Gold, a melody which influenced the floor to dance. I especially love the droppy beat and admire Paul vocals as Deidre sang ethereal “ha”s in the background. With such a alluring guitar riff, Sea of Gold will easily stick in your head for days. Afterwards, Savoir Adore played Speedbump and In the Wooded Forest’s Transylvanian Candy Patrol. They ended the night with a song which is now officially my favourite of theirs’, Regalia. It provokes you to have an excellent time.

I was delighted the group mostly played material off of Our Nature– it gave me a chance to feel out the band’s new musical direction and vibe. And I must say, the direction they took is marvelous. At the end of their set, some members in the audience began to chant, “Dreamers!” as everyone wanted to hear the hit again. So I have to say, if Savoir Adore are in your town, head out for a fun night and go see them because they will perform a show that will make you dance, sing, and fall in love with their nature. It was a great night filled with beautiful harmonies, funky, new wave dance beats and of course, amazing music. The music is not only lovely, but the band is as well. So thank you Paul and Deidre, for an extraordinary concert and night!

For an interview with Savoir Adore, click here.
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And to see some mementos from the show, click here!

Alicia Atout x

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