Let Me Introduce You To… Lupine Bell

The first time I was introduced to Lupine Bell, their music was really intriguing, but I have to tell you, their name got me. All honesty, at first I thought “what the hell is a lupine bell?!” After having the opportunity of speaking to their vocalist Matt, he explained “it’s kind of symbolic as an image. The bell rings to all wolves (misfits, outcasts, not in society norms) and that’s sort of the sound.” I thought that was quite the unique and clever concept for a band name.

Matt Thomas, Cameron Hopton and Jack Clarke are Lupine Bell. The three-piece from Milton Keynes formed in 2011 to create diverse, indie-rock tunes to satisfy your eardrums! There are many influences I can gather from their music. “We ADORE The Smiths, as you can tell by it being the first influence in the list!” Matt says. A few other influences of theirs are Teenage Fanclub and Saves The Day- there is a certain underlined tone of these bands which adds a very nice touch to Lupine Bell’s music.

So far the band have released their self-titled EP which contains five tracks with swooning harmonies and catchy riffs. The track which really pulls me in though is G.G. The song delivers a certain thrashing- high energy and is very guitar driven (which only furthermore pumps up the intensity). These elements are mixed with backing vocals which propel off the hooking main melody. G.G. almost sounds like a modern-day version of The Beatles’ Hold Me Tight, and that attribute only makes the song even more compelling. With lyrics as well-written as “I’m a fucking animal but it’s such a crowded zoo”, I simply don’t see how someone couldn’t like this song!
Listen for yourself to G.G. below! Lupine Bell’s EP can be listened to through their Bandcamp and SoundCloud. Also, for announcements on live gigs, be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Lupine Bell are pretty damn great, and are a band you won’t want to miss for their tracks will definitely ring in your mind for days!
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Alicia Atout

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