NEXTBiGTHING Update from Tom Clarke

Hello everyone,

We just spoke to Tom about where NBT is at right now. So for an update, read below! And thanks to everyone who’s taken part in the project thus far, and to all the bands submitting their tunes. Very proud to be part of such a great project, let’s all keep saving music!

Tom Clarke: It’s mostly been boring back room stuff, we’ve got a top lawyer to draw up contracts that set out what we do and promise the bands we don’t commission on their profits, took a little while for him to get his head around it, and we’ve been refurbishing the writing and rehearsal rooms, getting the upstairs studio ready to move the in house photographer in, listening to loads more unsigned music, and last night we met the first band we’re looking to work closely with! It’s very exciting! Almost frustrating though because I want to get to the bit where the bands are being played on radio but we’ve got loads of work to do between now and then. Meeting more artists next week! Will keep you informed!


Attention All Unsigned Artists: Tom Clarke Talks NBT Project & Submissions
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  1. Shit, we got our fingers crossed so bad! Looks like the wheels are in motion, Were sure hoping for a selection so we can do a “Danny Dyer” in “Mean Machine” When he gets selected ;)! Weve never been so excited! Just playin the waitin game. we hope to hear from you guys, much love Psyence xx

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