Gimme Your Answers 3: An Interview w/ Steel Panther

An Interview with Lexxi Foxx of Steel Panther!

He’s the man with the black panther in his dressing room, the decked out cellphone, the gorgeous hair everyone envies, and he’s also the man who rocks the hell out of a bass! I had the opportunity of speaking to the king of glam on the phone to find out what’s new with not only the band but also his beauty! So here I give you an interview with the one, the only… Lexxi Foxx of Steel Panther!

AMBY: To begin, how would you explain Steel Panther’s explosive music to those who haven’t heard you yet?

Lexxi Foxx: I would have to say that it’s bitchin’ heavy metal music which isn’t done anymore. I mean, it’s done but not the way we do it with bitchin’ glamour and that shit. You know, we can wear what we wanna wear and bring back the hair that we all still dig. And a lot of kids get to experience that so it’s a cool and good and bitchin’ looking band who give a shit how we look and it’s music that obviously has a lot of vulgarity in it but I think a lot of bands wish they could write songs like that but they wanna be on the radio and shit like that so yeah. We don’t necessarily care about that, we just wanna write about what’s true to our hearts and I would have to say that it’s just bitchin’, awesome music from a bitchin’-looking awesome band who just dresses cool as fuck.

AMBY: Well it’s a really great way to revive heavy metal music. Especially for people my age because now we can experience it even more!

Lexxi Foxx: Exactly, exactly. It’s so cool and I’m glad that you dig it because that’s awesome.

AMBY: Thank you. So what’s your earliest musical memory Lexxi?

Lexxi Foxx: I was doing a recital and my mom was there when I was a kid and this was back in the sixties or something and I was playing this song, and I don’t remember what song it was because I already started taking pills back then! But it was on a guitar that had six strings on it and I was playing this riff and I think it was Smoke on the Water or something like that.

AMBY: Of course it was!

Lexxi Foxx: Or something old, and my string broke and so that’s when I stopped playing guitar all together because it was just- it screwed me up. There were so many strings and I just couldn’t keep track of it. It broke in the middle of the recital so I just walked out and said “I’m never gonna play guitar again.” Until… Years and years later the guys told me there was another type of guitar that doesn’t have as many strings, and that’s called a bass guitar. So I thought, “cool, I can keep track of that.” I only play the first two strings anyways so when I heard I could play bass I just thought how cool. The strings are also harder to break unlike a regular guitar string so that’s why I play the bass. I guess that would be my earliest musical experience.

AMBY: Alright, that’s awesome. There are a ton of different nuances heard in Steel Panther’s music but which three musicians would you say have influenced you the most?

Lexxi Foxx: Let’s see… Probably the first one would be Rudy Sarzo. Because he played with the best guitar players in the world and I get to play with the best. Like, he wasn’t all over the place or anything like that, he was still a really good bass player and he looked really cool when he was playing. And he’s kind of like me because I like to flip my hair around and look bitchin’ too, but he looked really cool. Other musicians… I like Zakk Wylde- when he was like, bitchin’ looking. Like when he would play in Ozzy because he looked cool and he looked bitchin’ and flipped his hair around all cool like that. And the third one is probably not really a musician but it’s Tawny Kitaen. She was hot and she looked bitchin’ on Jaguars and shit. I’d have to say those were three. I wouldn’t really say that Tawny Kitaen wasn’t a musician, because she fucked a lot of musicians and that’s close enough for me.

AMBY: Great answer on that one. Well, the band has been doing a ton of touring lately so what would you say is your favourite song to play live?

Lexxi Foxx: My favourite song to play live would be probably Tiger Woods, that song is really fun to play live. And Supersonic is really good to play live because it’s our first song and it’s the first opportunity for fans who haven’t seen us play before to see us. So I’m really excited for the first song and usually that’s Supersonic for us. And I also like 17 Girls because it’s a tune that’s based on really low and like, that’s a really fun song as well.

AMBY: Yeah, that’s definitely one of my favourites.

Lexxi Foxx: It’s a cool song, huh?

AMBY: Yes. And I have to ask you Lexxi, is it hard being so beautiful? Because I’m pretty sure that everyone is envious of your hair, so do you have any tips that you’d like to share with your fans?

Lexxi Foxx: Well, for sure. Mostly it’s hard to stay beautiful with the lifestyle we have. I like to party. So you know, the best thing for when you party is plastic surgery- I’ll put Botox in certain places but I’m not gonna say where. Plus, I actually put cucumbers on my eyelids and to keep my hair with protein and shit like that… It’s not something I like to share but I’ll say it. Like, when I get drunk and pass out… sometimes Satchel will say… the guys will like, jack off in my hair and that’s full of protein. I get mad at it but in the morning I rinse it out and my hair looks way more bitchin’ than anybody else’s! So that’s not something I was gonna share but Satchel tells people so I think most people know that. But then I use regular conditioner as well, but I don’t cut it or wash it that often because you want the natural oils to build in your hair and that makes it look healthy and shiny and shit.

AMBY: Well thank you for the tips!

Lexxi Foxx: You’re very welcome. So anytime a guy sprays in your hair it’s not that bad of a thing, it really isn’t! It sucks maybe at the time but it’s actually good for your hair.

AMBY: Coming from you Lexxi I’m sure fans will hold that tip dear to them. For our next question, it’s kind of a blunt one but sometimes the answers are pretty interesting. So, who would you like to punch in the head?

Lexxi Foxx: Geez, oh man. Who would I like to punch in the head? I’m not a very violent guy. It would probably hurt me more than the person I was punching in the head because my hands are so skinny so I really haven’t thought about punching anybody in the head. I don’t even think they’d know if I was gonna punch them in the head. But if I had to or wanted to punch anybody in the head, it might be, shit, it might be Sebastian Bach because he’s a pretty dude.

AMBY: And you don’t want competition!

Lexxi Foxx: Yeah, I don’t want competition for me so maybe I could bruise him somewhere. You know what I’m saying?

AMBY: Yeah, makes perfect sense.

Lexxi Foxx: Yeah, yeah. So that’s got to be my answer.

AMBY: And you guys are always super busy, but what does Lexxi Foxx do in his spare time? Walk us through your day.

Lexxi Foxx: My day… I wake up like, around three because I like to sleep as much as I can because I usually go to bed late and try to get at least ten hours in. I get up and I’ll go for a jog and then will go to the tanning bed. Depending on what we’re doing for the tour I will go to the plastic surgeon and see what I have to do for the tour or if I need any lifting of anything like that. Then I’ll go back to the tanning bed and will decide if I have to get my hair highlighted or my tips frosted. And then basically I find out where the next party is and whatever’s going on and I then do the same thing the next day, and the very next day, and the very next day.

AMBY: Gotcha, always partying.

Lexxi Foxx: Yeah, well sometimes I’ll, like, take off partying when I’m sleeping and that stuff just to have a break.

AMBY: I also notice that sometimes the guys like to screw around with you, especially in your British Invasion trailers. Do you ever think you’re doing to get back at them and if so, how?

Lexxi Foxx: That’s the thing, I do think I’m going to get back at them but I can’t really tell you because then they’re going to be looking out for it but-

AMBY: That’s a very good point.

Lexxi Foxx: They think they can get away with it because sometimes I’m never looking for it. But they mess around with me a bunch but at the same time sometimes I need help thinking up plans of how to get back at the dudes. Sometimes Stix will help me and sometimes Michael will help me like whatever, and get back at Satchel. It all depends! Sometimes on the tour bus we shit around and stuff like that but for the most part I haven’t thought of any way to get back. Sometimes I just go, “ahhh, they got me” and go on back to partying.

AMBY: The Steel Panther lifestyle seems like a real thrill, but if you weren’t in Steel Panther what do you think you’d be doing?

Lexxi Foxx: I’d either be, I’d go back to modeling because when I first moved out here I was doing modeling or I’d work at a tanning salon so I could always tan for free. Since the salon is there I could do makeup and shit and stuff like that. I think that’s the stuff I’d be doing, where I don’t need to give much energy. The older I get I try to look as good as I can because I feel as if that’s important.

AMBY: Well you’re doing a fantastic job at that, just so you know.

Lexxi Foxx: Awww, thank you so much! I appreciate that very much.

AMBY: You’re very welcome. And for our last question, we’ve asked Michael and Stix this but you’re views on it would be wicked. Tell me something about each of the band member that nobody knows yet.

Lexxi Foxx: Here’s what they don’t know… For Michael, I trim Michael’s hair when we’re on the road. A lot of people don’t know that! I take care of Satchel’s, I pluck his eyebrows too and trim them so that his eyes look bitchin’. And I trim Stix’s noise hairs. That’s what people don’t … I mean we’re doing this European tour where we’d be gone for four weeks and oh my god, sometimes these guys just don’t take care of the way they look! Sometimes I have to do it while they’re sleeping as well, not so much Michael but when they’re passed out and all fucked up I’ll start primping their faces.

AMBY: As long as the band looks bitchin’ I’m sure that the playing comes naturally to you all!

Lexxi Foxx: That’s exactly it, that’s my part of the band and I have to make sure everyone looks bitchin’. And Satchel’s is to make sure that I play the right notes. Michael’s is to take care of all the moves and shit like that and Stix is trying to always remind me to count and shit and I don’t know what that is but I just watch him and it works. So that’s that!


This is up there with one of my favourite interviews. This is a band who always seems to amaze me with their bitchin’ personalities and music. Be sure to check out a Steel Panther British Invasion teaser starring Lexxi himself! Lastly, thank you so much Lexxi for taking the time away from partying to give me your answers! And of course… DEATH TO ALL BUT METAL!


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