Five Favourite Fab Gigs: PAWS

PAWSAfter seeing PAWS’ gigography for the first time, we couldn’t help but be impressed. It honestly springs off the page as it goes on for miles and miles! The overwhelming amount of shows they played made us at AMBY think… “Which gigs are their favourites?” So we spoke to PAWS’ Phillip Taylor who gave us the detailed scoop on his five favourite fab gigs!

(Also check out these neat photos from PAWS’ gig at West Princess Street in Glasgow!)

Phillip Taylor:

41. Meneer Malasch Art Gallery – Amsterdam, Netherlands

This show was very special to me because I have friends in The Netherlands that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I hadn’t been able to visit them in about 4 years because I couldn’t afford it. We had always joked about how the next time I’d be in Holland, it would be because we’d be playing a show at a party somewhere and we could all reunite and get wasted. That’s exactly what happened. It was so fucking awesome.

5 (2)2. West Princess Street House Party – Glasgow, Scotland

This show was at our friend Yazz’s house in Glasgow. It was our one year anniversary since we had officially named our band. She was having a bunch of insane house parties most weekends at the time and she asked us to play in her room. It was much like the above, but in a house and not a gallery.

PAWS 13. CCA – Glasgow, Scotland – Album Launch Party

I guess this was our biggest Glasgow show to date that we had headlined. It was pretty incredible to see so many faces turn up and go so insane. Bodies were flying off the stage left right and centre from the word go. It was a really special moment.

PAWS 34. Shacklewell Arms – London, England – Album Launch Party

This one was our London album party and it was also super special because Alice Costelloe (Big Deal) came up on stage to play our song “Song Tummy” with us because she sings it on the album. Big Deal are also pretty much my favourite band in the UK and they played before us, I was pretty honoured. It was nice to see a room so full of people dancing and singing along in London when a year before I was excited about just getting off the bus from Glasgow and hanging out in London before our first show there. I love that city.

PAWS 25. Triebhaus – Luzern, Switzerland

The first show we played with Japandroids. We met them, played a show with them, were rescued on stage by one of them when an amp died, stayed in an apartment above the venue with them, got very very drunk with them, ollied over one of them in the car park and left new best buddies for the rest of the tour. Switzerland is so beautiful and they treat you so well. I’ll remember it forever as another really special night.


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