Gimme Your Answers: 2Q Interview w/ The Darkness

2Q Interview with Justin Hawkins from The Darkness!
The DarknessThe Darkness are one of those groups who have the special ability of making listeners sing their hearts out, crack their voices imitating vocalist Justin Hawkins, hum their ridiculously catchy guitar riffs and also rejoice in how brilliant their tracks are. Whilst on the road, our man in the field Andy Redfern spoke to The Darkness’ Justin to do a quick, 2Q Interview! So if you believe in a thing called love, check out these answers!

AMBY: What’s your favourite thing to snack on or eat while on the road?

JH: Kulawi and smoothies.

AMBY: What’s your favourite song to play while on tour?

JH: The Christmas song because it means we’re going home.


Alicia Atout & Andy Redfern

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