Sunday, December 16th, 2012: Awesome Playlist

Turin BrakesYes, I did title this the “Awesome Playlist”. It’s pretty self-explanatory but here are some of the tracks I heard today, and each time they come on I cannot help but think, “these tunes are pretty damn awesome.” So I hope you feel the same, enjoy!

“Summer rain, dripping down your face again. Summer rain, praying someone feels the same. Take the pain killer, cycle on your bicycle. Leave all this misery behind.” Painkiller by Turin Brakes

Skint & Demoralised- Hogmanay Heroes
Dog Is Dead- Teenage Daughter
Tame Impala- Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
Alpaca Sports- A Million Times
The Enemy- Had Enough
Velocets- Sophie
The Futureheads- I Can Do That
Post War Years- All Eyes
Turin Brakes- Painkiller
Delphic- Baiya

Alicia Atout

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