ATTENTION MUSIC FANS: Here’s A New Segment YOU Can Be A Part Of!

LogooooHello there everybody,

Hope you’re doing well, it’s Alicia here and I’d like to let you know about a new segment AMBY has. It’s a segment which absolutely ANYONE can participate in! It’s called Fan-tastic Photos. This segment is where all of us music fans can submit photos taken from concerts, festivals or any type of gig you’ve been to!

This isn’t a competition nor are we picky, so send your photos to AMBY! Although of course not every photo will be chosen, we look forward to seeing some neat, new shots of bands we love. And yes, for each photo we choose, we’ll give the photographer credit. Remember, you don’t need to be a “photographer” either to send in photos, just please make sure they’d be classified as… decent! ;)

So if you’d like to see your photos and name on AMBY, email us at

In the email, please include;
1) “Fan-tastic Photo” in the subject.
2) Attatch your photo/photos.
3) The name of the band in the photo.
4) A little something about the photo you’ve submitted (a sentence would work).
5) PLEASE include your name in the email (so we can give your photo a credit!)

Really looking forward to seeing the shots, and please share this post around to anyone you think would be interested in seeing their photos and name on A Music Blog, Yea? This is a good way to promote a band you love, or a friend’s band who just needs a cheap plug! Remember, music is love and love is music. Let’s have some fun! So come on concert-goers, let’s get snapping!

Have a goodnight,

Alicia Atout x

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