Five Favourite Fab Gigs: PINS

PINSSome people hold concert experiences dear to them. And I’m not saying this is a bad thing whatsoever, for many of us AMBY writers are concert addicts! Not only are we, but badass Manchester group PINS love their concerts too. So we spoke to each of them to find out what their five favourite fab gigs are!

Faith: One gig that stands out for me was Strange Boys, it was earlier this year at the Deaf Institute in Manchester. My boyfriends band opened up for them, prior to this date he had been on tour in America so when i met him at the show it was the first time I’d seen him in weeks, I’d missed him! i watched his set then we kissed in the corner throughout Strange Boys set, they opened with ‘Me & You’ – it was the perfect soundtrack.

Anna: My favourite gig of 2012 was the Savages + PINS show at The Bunker in Salford (Sways Records HQ opposite a huge prison in Manchester.) I know I have picked a night that we played at but it was very memorable. It was Savages’ debut show in Manchester. They looked scared when they turned up to the dark, dirty Bunker and at the prospect of playing in a big wooden cage with the spectators stood around the edges. I think it was a rare & unusual gig for all inside & outside the cage
Lois: It’s tricky to pick one, cos there’s so many that were good for different reasons.  But, right now I’d say the first Fuhrer Bunker exhibition will always stick in my mind.  We were in our early days as a band, and we were at practice when I got a message with a postcode and a suggestion of some bands playing and not much else.  We decided to pack up and see what was going on, it was snowing and we headed into the abandoned estate, thankfully seeing a few familiar faces on the way.  When we got there, there was a fire and a bunch of people trying to stay warm around it.  We joined them.  Inside the bands were playing in a cage, it was amazing.  I left excited.
Lara: Gunna go with Bruce Springsteen at Eithad Stadium. Waitin’ On A Sunny Day in the Manchester rain, plus Atlantic City, The Rising and Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out. Perfect.
PINS: The fifth one is a favourite that we all attended together.. Hooded Fang at the Castle in Manchester, we were at the front for the whole show and they dedicated the last song, ‘Den of love’, to us.
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