Monday, December 24th, 2012: Rad Bands You Need to Hear

WAAThe world never seems to fail me when it comes to music. I’ve been amazed with some of the bands I’ve recently discovered. And of course these bands are ones I believe need to be heard! So have a listen, if you dig ’em, give them a follow on Twitter or Facebook and lastly, enjoy these rad bands!

Tear up the photograph, ’cause it’s a bright blue sky.” –Chapel Song by We Are Augustines

Cowboy- Hacienda
Ancient Times- Rani
We Came From The Sea- dogdogdog
We Are Augustines- Chapel Song
Bitter Strings- Follow Me
THIEVES- Fall Back
Death At Sea- Selfless
Dave Smethurst-  The Storm Of Dawning
Exile Parade- Alcohol
Psyence- Voodoo 7
Velocets- Naked

Alicia Atout

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