Five Favourite Fab Gigs: Delphic

When you go to see certain bands, you just know you’re going to get a great live performance. While other bands prefer to make their shows more like a party. But when the two combine, that’s the ultimate experience for a concert-goer. With their electrifying songs and charismatic stage presence, Delphic are a fantastic live band. So we caught up with Richard Boardman to find out what his five favourite fab gigs are!


delphicglasto20101. Glastonbury Festival

Growing up in the UK, Glastonbury festival is one of the main places you are aiming for when starting out in a band. We make music that we see as euphoric and perfectly fitting for this stage, plus it was the most people we have ever played to. Although James and Matt had a slightly debauched evening the night before and very nearly didn’t make the gig at-all!

delphic 1905102. Manchester Warehouse Project

We got to curate the warehouse project towards the end of our first album campaign and it was one of our favourite live moments. The warehouse project has since moved, but back then it was in an underground car park under the arches of Piccadilly, Manchester. We were supported by Fenech Soler and The Whip and Jamie xx was in the other room djing. It was a mental sweaty rave.

gorilla3. Manchester Gorilla 2012

This was our comeback Manchester gig a few months back. It was the first time we had played Manchester in two years, having taken that time out to write the second album. This process had been long and arduous and the record very nearly didn’t get made at-all. So coming back and playing a show in Manchester with a load of new songs after all that was an amazing experience. Plus, one of our crew members dressed up as a gorilla and danced around the stage during Acolyte, much to the audience’s bemusement…

delphic 1905104. Japan – Summersonic Festival

We love the excuse to go to japan. The people are so polite and the culture is so fascinating (and the clothes fit me). At gigs, the audience listen intently during your songs, and then clap in sync when the song has finished for a specific period of time, before stopping and waiting patiently for the next note. A truly unique experience.

415720_10151142285475872_1814617386_o5. Early Delphic Warehouse Rave

When we started out as a band we didn’t want to take the conventional route to playing gigs. The idea of playing unsigned band showcase nights in the hope that some big shot A&R man was going to come down was so depressing, so we set up our own raves in various places around Manchester. They were always quite small as no one really knew who we were, but they were some of the most exciting gigs we have ever done, as our whole career was ahead of us and there were no limitations as to what we could do.


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