Let Me Introduce You To… The Cape Race

The Cape Race 1I have a love hate relationship with Manchester band The Cape Race and it’s not because myself and lead singer David Moloney support rival football teams! Whilst I love their music dearly I very rarely get the chance to hear it live, for a band of their stature this is nothing short of a crime. I am however forgiving of this indiscretion quite simply because of one fact and one fact alone their music.

The Cape Race 2Two years after first discovering The Cape Race I continue to be amazed by everything they do. If you’ve heard any of the tracks from Now, Voyager you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about and if you’re not familiar with these songs I seriously suggest you correct this mistake quickly. With debut album Home, Truths still a few months away from its release this leaves plenty of time for you both to get fully acquainted.

The Cape Race 3I’m not exactly sure how I would describe the Cape Race’s music other than simply The Cape Race. Personally I don’t think they sound like anyone else, but themselves a fact I’m sure that would attract any true music fan to their band. The same can also be applied  when it comes to examining The Cape Race  live, whilst the majority of their songs may be slow and melodic don’t expect their performance to echo  this  sentiment in fact you’ll find it’s the exact opposite upbeat and bursting with energy throughout. Whilst David Moloney is by far the most extrovert of them all, and rightly so for any great front man, the rest of the band aren’t afraid to follow suit, they’re definitely not a shy bunch.

The Cape Race 4Not only are The Cape Race all talented individuals  they come together as a band perfectly no doubt aided by the close friendships they’ve developed over the years of performing together in one capacity or another.  Whilst they may have embarked previously on similar ventures, they were once The Honeymoon Suite amongst other things, this is by far their most bold. Giving away six track mini album Now, Voyager for free to anyone who wanted it was a brave move, but why? The simple, but clever answer in doing so their music would reach a far bigger audience, it of course served its purpose resulting in the emergence of a dedicated following over the past year all eager for the next installment.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdgnxXyzS8o?feature=player_detailpage&w=480&h=300]

Fi Carroll aka @dirtyroknroller

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