Sunday, January 6th, 2013: Found the Connection

Blue SkiesThere has been a certain commonality with many of the bands I’ve been listening to lately, and I finally figured out what it was! I’m not sure how I was so oblivious to it, but I eventually found the connection and it hit me, “all these vocalists have powerful, enticing, deep voices…” So here you have it, my Playlist of the Week is featuring and highlighting some of these wonderful vocalists!

I don’t think that it’s the end, but I know we can’t keep going.-Blue Skies by Noah and the Whale

Motorama- Ghost
Wire- Please Take
Noah and the Whale- Blue Skies
SPIES- Barricade
Chemical Smile – Thanks For The Company
TOY – Colours Running Out
Ancient TimesPsirens
Howler- This One’s Different

Alicia Atout

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